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Rabu, 27 Februari 2013

How to Prevent Infection Cause Brain Tumors

Infection of the brain can affect everyone from toddlers to adults who can end up with a disability or death. So is there any way that can be done to prevent the infection of the brain or meningitis?
"If the area of ​​the infection is the lining of the brain (meninges) it is called meningitis, but if the infected brain tissue was then called ensephalitis".

the cause of these diverse brain infection, the most common is a direct result of transmission of the virus from the air or breathing, from insect bites such as mosquitoes, bacteria such as pneumonia or bacterial infection in the brain tuberculosis, fungi, parasites like Toxoplasma and tapeworm cyst ingested by humans .

"Because of the way a variety of transmission, the prevention of which can be done is to maintain hygiene, sanitation, contact with clean hands is very important (diligent hand washing), keeping the stamina to remain good, and doing the IPD vaccine for meningitis vaccine as a baby and want to go to Hajj , "he said.

For a new vaccine is currently available vaccine IPD (Invasive Pneumococcus Disease) which toddlers to prevent meningitis caused by pneumococcal bacteria. This vaccine can be given when a baby aged 2 months to 9 years, but the price is quite expensive.

One more meningitis vaccines given to pilgrims to prevent bacterial meningitis remains endemic in the Arab world.

People who are prone to infections of the brain:

1. Children
2. People with low body resistance
3. People who are elderly.

Disease brain infection has a mortality rate over 50 percent, if a person survived brain infection commonly experience of disability ranging from paralysis to coma who can not get up anymore.

"The brain is the most protected part of the body or the most recent hit, so when the brain is exposed to the infection will very likely affect other organs in the body and its functions menajdi disturbed," said the doctor who also teaches at the faculty of medicine.

Symptoms of infection are often not typical brain that generally has a fever and headache. If after a few days did not improve symptoms or no follow-up such as seizures and headaches are getting worse immediately consult a doctor for further examination.

"For early diagnostics is not easy, so the search process should cause progressives to be addressed," he said.

For exact diagnosis of cerebrospinal fluid examination in order to know the exact cause is due to virus infection, bacteria, fungi, parasites or tapeworms. If the procedure is done quickly and progressively they can help reduce disability arising. But it also depends on the stage coming.

Brain infection is a deadly disease that some causes can be prevented by vaccines and hygienic lifestyle and strong stamina.

If the infection is promptly done fast diagnosis to determine the cause so that it can provide appropriate treatment.